Recent Realizations

I just realized that it's been an awful long time since I declared the horribiality (it's a word from the future) of Livejournal. So, without further adieu:

Livejournal is a piece of trash. Smelly trash. Like, the kind of smelly trash that smells so bad that you take out the garbage bag, even though it's only a quarter full and you feel real bad for wasting all that garbage bag space but for goodness sake the smell is bad and its really okay to waste garbage bag space when a smell is that bad.

That is all. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: Livejournal is neither live, nor a journal. Discuss.

I changed the look

PERSON 1: Livejournal is terrible, but I made this thing look slightly less ugly by using a template.

PERSON 2: Also, in other news, Livejournal is terrible.

PERSON 1: Following up from a story in a previous broadcast, Livejournal is terrible.

PERSON SPORTS GUY: And in sports, Livejournal is terrible.

PERSON 2: Finally, before the end of tonight's broadcast, let's go to the quaint town of Wilmington, Delaware where the locals have banded together to raise money for a cause: The National Livejournal is Terrible Fund.

PERSON 1: Well, that's the news, folks. I'm Bob Fauxlastname.

PERSON 2: And I'm Livejournal is terrible.